Workforce Management

The customer has always been king, but in today’s competitive digital landscape, customer service is more important than ever. Distinguishing yourself from competitors is less about products and services and more about creating a stellar customer experience that turns brand agnostic consumers into longtime loyal customers. Great customer experience starts with designing and employing a customer service team that is dedicated to providing seamless, effortless and personalized customer assistance, but often times companies rely on chance rather than strategy to make this happen.

Imagine having the capability of anticipating your customer’s needs and having the right people available at the right time to consistently provide the level of customer service that consumers crave.

An effective Workforce Management strategy will make that possible and deliver a return on your investment.

At The Northridge Group, we help clients utilize data analytics to predict needs and customize strategies that are built for change. Northridge’s Workforce Management experts evaluate and recommend capacity planning and scheduling strategies to optimize our clients’ workforces and cut their costs.

Additionally, our Workforce Management solutions include:

  • Scheduling and Forecasting: Calculating contact center volumes to ensure the right amount of agents and the best agents are available at the appropriate times to handle complex or high volume issues
  • Contact Center Consolidation: Ensuring continuity and efficiency across all operating contact centers to fit the demands of consumers
  • Optimization of Outsourcing Centers: Monitoring and managing offshore centers to provide consistent best in class service
  • Data Based Contact Center and Customer Insights: Understanding the motivations of customers in need of assistance, identifying pain points, and offering time-saving, helpful solutions
  • Intraday Management: Ensuring specific reactive measures are established and management is prepared to maintain peak performance when unexpected changes occur

By leveraging data insights from your contact centers and customers, Northridge can identify issues plaguing your customer experience and prepare your workforce with the tools, expertise, and management to address them while reducing costs. Optimizing your contact center efficiency with Workforce Management solutions can contribute to the overall success of your organization, differentiating you from your competitors and building a long-term, loyal following with your customers.

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