The State of Customer Service Experience 2018

State of Customer Service Experience 2018

For the first time since the report’s debut in 2015, the latest Northridge Group State of Customer Service Experience report includes survey responses from both consumers and business leaders. The combined 2018 study of more than 1,000 U.S. respondents highlights a significant discrepancy between how business leaders and consumers perceive the customer experience associated with contacting customer service— leaving consumers dissatisfied and businesses vulnerable to customer churn and negative financial impacts.

Customers Speak Their Truth

In 2018, the voice of the customer is loud and clear. Customers report that their experience is poor across all customer service channels and that they are frustrated with the lack of easy-to-use, self-service options. 

• 69% of customers have difficulty navigating automated systems

• 65% of customers have trouble using websites

• Fewer than 50% of customers find any channel easy to use

• 62% of consumers reported needing to make multiple contacts to resolve their most recent customer service need.

• Only 46% of consumers reported resolution of their customer service need within an hour. Almost one in ten customers indicated their problem was never resolved. 

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