Call Center Quality Monitoring Forms

Better Questions for Better Answers Using A Call Center Quality Monitoring Form

Insights from Quality Monitoring programs are gleaned from monitoring the interactions between agents or representatives and the customer. The Northridge Group assesses these various touchpoints and focuses on specific areas of the interaction to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the customer experience.

In order to solve the right problem, organizations need to be asking the right questions. Northridge collaborates with each client to develop a customized list of questions and criteria to rate each customer interaction. Our unbiased approach allows for precise analysis and balanced scoring. In addition, Northridge’s flexible forms management provides fast turnaround time on changes and analysis and the centralized, unified application and database ensures consistent assessments and weighted scoring for all agents.

Our Robust Forms Management and Scoring Process

The program design phase uses best practices to create guidelines that drive quality and a better customer experience. Our forms offer: 

  • Client-specific Weighted Scoring: Client-specific scoring methodology allows for sub-section scores, weighted scores and auto-fail questions.
  • Web-based Assessment: Northridge offers integrated assessor guidance and optimized data-capture through easy-to-use radio buttons, drop-down lists, conditional questions, canned comments, and free-form text.
  • Production Model: Northridge manages assessors in a “production model” with work assigned to ensure randomness and meet client parameters.

To uncover the most important insights from customer interactions requires a thoughtful approach to the questions being asked. The Northridge Group takes a customized approach to each client and each program to ensure the appropriate and most useful data is discovered.