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Quality Monitoring for Customer Insights

In a marketplace characterized by emerging technologies and a diverse range of customer contact channels, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that success begins and ends with the customer. More than ever, customers care about the level of service they receive from contact centers and quickly migrate away from brands that deliver substandard customer service experiences.

For many companies, internal call center quality monitoring efforts fail to generate lasting improvements, largely because in-house staff members lack the time and resources to evaluate customer needs, compliance, sales opportunities, and agent performance. The Northridge Group’s team of experts offers the objectivity and expertise to glean honest, practical insights for your contact center management.

Northridge Call Center Quality Monitoring Program

The Northridge Group is a U.S.-based, premier provider of third party quality monitoring services for large and mid-sized organizations that envision their contact centers as integral parts of their revenue strategy and service delivery. Our team of experts offers the objectivity and expertise to evaluate agent performance and customer interactions through calls, email, chat and social media to ensure service excellence.

Featuring experienced professionals and cutting edge processes, our quality monitoring services provide the scale, linguistics, analytics and technology to successfully convert data-based insights into desired business outcomes. By applying the right mix of quality monitoring solutions to the call center, your organization can essentially leverage a real-time focus group with thousands of data points streaming in on a regular basis.Through an in-depth understanding of the organization’s needs, Northridge can customize and create a program that will deliver improved customer experience and business performance.

 “…Their monitoring processes are very insightful and align with the Call Center’s mission to improve participant customer service…You guys Rock!!”

Contracting Officer,
U.S. Federal Government Agency

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