Customer Experience Consulting

The Roadmap to a Better Customer Experience

Valuable customer insights can be captured in a multitude of ways – surveys, focus groups, in-person, call and complaint data, chats, email and social media, to name a few. The traditional means for capturing customer feedback all have merit and contribute to the overall view of the customer experience. Notably, there is an often untapped source for gathering incredible business insights that lies within your organization’s Quality Management programs.

While the bar may be set at different places and the scoring methodology may vary, the basic process is focused on driving the agents to move effectively and consistently deliver service to their customers within the operational and process constraints of their environment. Northridge expands the reach of these programs to include those factors that are outside of the control of the agents.  The Northridge approach is to take an “outside in” view of your operation, which provides rich insights that remove some of the obstacles the agents face in delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Linking Customer Experience across the Organization

While improving agent call handling behavior is important, the only way to truly deliver an outstanding customer experience is to also streamline cross-functional processes and redesign business policies and procedures. The Northridge Group recommends that organizations combine the traditional quality monitoring function with a deeper set of analytics and expanded program guidelines to gather meaningful insights far greater than what is only in the control of the agent.  By integrating quality monitoring data with other key data points and process maps from across the organization, customer experience leaders can identify and address the true root cause of dissatisfaction and customer attrition.

Our Customer Experience Consulting Services can offer rich insights in areas such as upstream process issues, new product demand, policy and procedures that are driving complaints, cross-functional misalignments, and self-service issues.

Key Offerings of our Customer Experience Consulting Services:

  • Integrated Business Data: Incorporating additional business data such as, customer experience measures (CSAT, NPS, Customer Effort, etc.), sales and operational KPIs, CRM data, complaint data, agent HR data, Northridge provides clients with  deep analysis that correlates Northridge quality monitoring results with other critical business information to drive fundamental organizational improvements.
  • Business Process Mapping and Re-engineering: Using both quality monitoring and business data, Northridge creates cross-functional process maps to identify and solve common pain points for the customer and drive significant process improvements for the business.
  • Customer Journey MappingReflects the different thoughts, actions, pain points and expectations of the customer at each step of the end-to-end customer journey to create a comprehensive view of the touchpoints of the consumer and your organization.  A holistic view of the customer journey gives insights into redundancies, rework, cyclical behaviors and pain points for the customer.
  • Consultative Analytics: Our Customer Experience Consulting Services leverage the customer experience and operational insights of our Customer Service consulting team.  Northridge experts in contact center operations, customer journey mapping and customer experience identify, quantify and build the detailed recommendations and strategic roadmap to drive critical process improvements that achieve transformational business results.
  • Technology Platform: The Northridge Group has a scalable, secure web-based interface to capture assessment scores and an industry-leading Business Intelligence reporting portal – all integrated with a centralized, SQL database that ensures consistency and resiliency. Our online client portal allows for easily accessible reporting at all levels with trends, comparisons and drill down capabilities starting at a company-wide level all the way down to the call level.

Through Northridge’s deep analytics of valuable customer service and business data, organizations can glean powerful insights into customer experience and critical process improvements that drive overall business performance.

Take your customer experience to the next level.

Let Northridge show you how.