Quality Monitoring

Building a Better Customer Experience

Omni-channel quality monitoring and agent performance management go hand in hand. But for customer-focused organizations, both large and mid-sized, measurable improvement requires more than basic call monitoring—it requires a firm with the experience and sophistication to monitor and enhance performance management across a diverse range of customer touch points - voice, email, web, mobile/text and social media.

The Northridge Group offers unparalleled third party quality monitoring solutions designed to improve the overall customer experience and target business outcomes that are tailored to your organization. With real-world contact center quality monitoring and performance management experience, our solutions provide the ideal combination of senior-level expertise, process and infrastructure for enterprises in which a remarkable customer experience is a business imperative.

Key Offerings of the Omni-channel Quality Monitoring Program

  • Targeted Program Goals: Identify critical program goals and desired outcomes such as: adherence to current corporate standards, specific business objectives, compliance with regulations, and soft skills expected of customer service representatives.
  • Solid Operations and Workflow Management: Northridge ensures alignment on desired behaviors and outcomes through strong calibration procedures. Egregious and zero-scored calls are escalated as critical hotline reports or auto-fail calls. Strong, third-party vendor management creates better partnerships and improved performance management.  
  • Agent Performance Metrics: Pre-recorded customer interactions are analyzed to gain clear insight into the performance improvement opportunities on an agent-level, site-level and/or organizational-level. We identify and highlight critical gaps in the skills and service measured against the success factors outlined in the key program goals.
  • Coaching Opportunities: Based on the feedback from our team of Assessors, Northridge reports on the customer representatives’ performance on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.  Northridge identifies the areas of improvement and develops the level of specificity that is needed to tailor the coaching through actionable feedback to move the needle on service-level improvements.
  • Technology Platform: The Northridge Group has a scalable, secure web-based interface to capture assessment scores and an industry-leading Business Intelligence reporting portal – all integrated with a centralized, SQL database that ensures consistency and resiliency. Our online client portal allows for easily accessible reporting at all levels with trends, comparisons and drill-down capabilities starting at a company-wide level all the way down to the call level.

Northridge Quality Monitoring professionals are U.S. based, tenured in enterprise-level customer experience and trained in behavior analytics. Designed to serve sophisticated enterprise organizations, Northridge's Quality Monitoring solution offers global reach, with Quality Monitoring and Mystery Shopper programs capable of monitoring interactions in multiple languages.

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