PMO Created for a Multi-Billion Dollar Line of Business within a Fortune 50 Enterprise

Northridge Delivers a Project Management Office that Enables a Fortune 50 Enterprise to Significantly Improve Financial Performance and Customer Satisfaction

A Fortune 50 company approached The Northridge Group for assistance in creating a Program Management Office (PMO) for a multi-billion dollar line of business. The client’s existing functional business structure lacked the coordinated, cross-silo management necessary to drive required financial results and customer satisfaction targets—key outcomes for the success of the client’s line of business.

Northridge rapidly assembled and deployed a team of proven program management experts to help the client create a PMO that addressed governance and risk management, communication and reporting, budget and financial outcomes, leadership and management requirements, issue management and resolution. In addition to designing the Program Office organization, Northridge helped the client define job descriptions, interview candidates, and develop the processes, scorecards and governance structure for the PMO.

Northridge’s instrumental role in developing the client’s PMO enabled the achievement of business imperatives for financial performance and customer satisfaction, and equipped the client with a best-in-class structure for the cross-functional management of the line of business going forward.

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