Our Approach

Quality Monitoring for Customer Impact

Customer experience is a priority for leading organizations, but many call center quality monitoring programs fail to drive results to the level required by the business. Many in-house programs simply lack the time and resources to deliver honest feedback on a routine basis.

Northridge’s third party quality monitoring service is designed to objectively listen with an analytical ear, capturing and analyzing critical customer insights, and converting customer feedback into a true business advantage.

The Northridge Quality Monitoring Approach

At Northridge, our approach to quality monitoring focuses on customer impact and helping your organization continuously improve the customer experience. We believe that call center quality monitoring is about more than simply call monitoring and improving contact center agents or providing an agent performance checklist. We work extensively with your organization to identify and transform areas of fundamental business improvement, including opportunities to improve your overall operations —not just agent-level performance.

As a U.S.-based call center quality monitoring solutions provider, Northridge offers an uncommon mix of expertise, infrastructure and collaboration—essential ingredients in the delivery of a results-oriented call monitoring program that is expertly aligned with your organization’s goals and requirements. Northridge quality monitoring assessors bring professional experience to listening and analytics, offering in-depth insights on the customer experience.

We operate the Northridge quality monitoring business like a world-class contact center, with industry-leading standards for hiring, training and certifying resources as well as strict operating practices for workforce management, performance management and performance reporting.

Key Outcomes of the Northridge Approach include:

  • Clear understanding of your organization's strengths, challenges, culture and strategic direction
  • Alignment of organizational objectives with quality call monitoring program objectives
  • Best-in-class customer experience across channels in the contact center through expertlytrained contact center professionals
  • Customized online reporting for real-time call monitoring of the effectiveness of your representatives and business processes that are critical to your success
  • Deep understanding of the successes and opportunities for performance, compliance and business insights in the contact center

The Northridge Difference

  • A highly-trained, U.S.-based monitoring team comprised of behavioral psychologists and multi-lingual customer service professionals.
  • A three-point program design (vs. a checkbox approach), which provides deeper insight into changes in call quality and drives performance with tight correlation to critical KPIs.
  • An omni-channel quality monitoring solution, allowing evaluation of calls, email, chat and social media channels.
  • Actionable, behavioral-based insights that enable meaningful and targeted coaching between supervisors and agents.
  • Dynamic and drillable reporting that measures performance results at all site levels - from program to agent.
  • A self-service reporting portal that enables transparency and real-time access to monitoring results.
  • A scalable, secure and interactive technology platform that seamlessly supports our operational capabilities. 

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