Business Process Management Consulting

The Challenge of Process Transformation

Transparent processes drive business success. For many organizations, growth targets and key business outcomes hinge on the transformation of critical processes, from inefficient and unproductive routines to highly optimized processes that are adopted and embraced across multiple business units. But effecting process change can be difficult, especially when it involves the buy-in of diverse stakeholders who are heavily invested in familiar routines and resources.

The Northridge Group specializes in bringing best-in-class Business Process Management services to organizations in which the status quo is no longer effective. With services delivered by senior-level consultants, our consulting team works hand-in-hand with individuals at every level of your organization, ensuring that business process improvements are achieved in a manner that makes sense for both the C-suite and stakeholders on the company’s front line.

Northridge Business Process Management Consulting

At Northridge, we apply proven, real-world experience and an interactive, collaborative approach to your organization’s most sophisticated Business Process Management challenges. Working with individuals across your organization, we provide the organizational and program support required to drive process change through current state optimization, future state visioning, and the development of critical prototypes and tools.

Committed to innovation, our Business Process Management consulting team aligns an impressive range of process-based tools, assessments, benchmarking strategies and other techniques. We couple this approach with your organization’s unique culture, timeline and business requirements. Starting with a comprehensive documentation of current processes, we assess upstream implications, then identify and prioritize inefficiencies and barriers to success. Through scorecard development, we gain visibility to the right metrics that enable transformational business change by providing a clear window into operations. When organizational silos, multiple hand-offs or patterns of rework arise, Northridge consultants nimbly identify and resolve process issues to avoid project delays or cost overruns.

Additionally, the Northridge team looks for redundancies and opportunities for streamlined operations to enable revenue assurance, recommending process improvements based on best practices and industry benchmarks. Leveraging these insights, we work to develop a detailed implementation roadmap to ensure the timely achievement of key objectives.

Northridge Business Process Management services include the analysis of specific in-scope processes for:

  • Complexity and interdependencies
  • Functional roles and organizational accountability
  • Current process resources, systems and tooling
  • Metrics that measure process effectiveness and outcome
  • Process governance

As an end-to-end Business Process Management consulting firm, we gauge our success on your satisfaction. From beginning to end, Northridge offers the sophistication, expertise and practical approach your organization needs to achieve measurable process improvements and bottom line impact.

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