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Coaching and Training

Call Center Coaching Techniques Provide Actionable Feedback to Improve Contact Center Operations

Consistent Coaching and Training Outcomes

Quality Monitoring programs are only as strong as the business results they drive. Insights can be powerful but lasting results are dependent upon management making quality a priority when hiring and developing strong coaches, sharing best practices, and calibrating on the customer experience.

Northridge’s Call Center Coaching and Training Programs ensure consistent, quality coaching is in place to drive results.

Key offerings of our Coaching and Training Programs include:

Northridge Performance Coaching

A unique training program developed by The Northridge Group that utilizes immediate feedback techniques to coach contact center agents and customer service representatives to provide better customer experiences. Program provides instant feedback, ensures compliance, enables proactive (not passive) coaching.

Customized Coaching Program

Once we have a full understanding of the customer experience expectations and have achieved alignment on the role of the coach, manager and agent, the team can begin to teach and reaffirm effective coaching skills. Tools are provided to assist with the coaching process with clear expectations on the frequency, quality and style of call center coaching.

Baseline Coaching Assessment

Determine the effectiveness of the existing coaching process. Analyze the quality and style of the call center coaching methodologies, as well as the operational support that is in place to drive performance. This includes customer experience goals, coaching culture, metric alignment, time management, and coaching skill development.

On-site Training

Multi-day training sessions provide supervisors, managers, and call center agents with training aids, coaching techniques and overall guidance for future training programs. Training groups conduct call listening and role play exercises to ensure understanding. The training sessions provide an opportunity for teams to share coaching and training best practices and ensure supervisors’ understanding and application.

Action Planning for Improved Results

Develop specific and tailored action plans with each front-line supervisor to realign supervisors on the core responsibilities of their positions. Documented planning continues to drive accountability along with the inclusion and involvement of mid-and-senior management teams to drive further success with the program. Analysis of results confirms measurable improvements in customer experience and business outcomes.

“This is the best training I have received in my 10-year career!”

Customer Service Agent, Fortune 100 Contact Center

Moving the Needle on Customer Experience

An excellent customer experience requires continuous attention to the service your representatives provide to each customer interaction. Each key Moment of Truth builds your overall brand, so it is critical that businesses pay continual attention to the training their call center staff receives.

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Our Coaching and Training Solutions Yield Quick Wins and Real Results.

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targeted weeks of training for Fortune 100 contact center

basis-point increase in First Call Resolution


fewer service cancellations

Northridge’s Quality Monitoring Solutions

At Northridge, our approach to quality monitoring focuses on customer impact and helping your organization continuously improve the customer experience.

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