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Core Values

Guiding Principles for How We Operate

Mission Statement

Throughout our firm’s 20-year history, Northridge has remained steadfast in our overall mission to help clients solve their complex business problems through a focus on optimal business processes, an understanding of the levers which drive business performance and the execution of practical solutions that improve productivity, profitability, and scalability.


Our business strategy is grounded in our core values of:


We deliver the highest level of service, performed by industry-leading executives and consultants who are extremely knowledgeable about our clients’ challenges and passionate about results.


With honesty and authenticity at the foundation of our organization, we build lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues based on mutual trust and respect.


We know that great ideas grow through collaboration. By partnering closely with our colleagues and clients, we bring unparalleled knowledge and experience to every engagement, generating sustainable impact for our clients.


We challenge assumptions, identify the right problem and look at people, processes, and technology through a different lens. With innate curiosity and continuous learning in our DNA, we see around corners, anticipating and activating innovative solutions for our clients.

An Integral Part of the Team

“ … Honestly, I feel like they‘re part of our staff, part of our ‘A team’ that doesn’t require a lot of oversight.”

Chief Operating Officer, State Government Agency

The Meaning Behind our Logo

The plus sign (+) illustrates our ability to add value to client engagements by immediately making a positive impact.

The circle illustrates our belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By our teams joining forces and working collaboratively, we are able to accomplish more – together.

We Incorporate Our Core Values Into Every Consulting Service

At The Northridge Group, we offer solutions to your most complex business challenges. With a robust suite of consulting services, we can help you in any or all of the following areas:

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With experience across nearly every industry, non-profit, and governmental agency, we have the team to help you achieve your goals.

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