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Commercial Real Estate

Leveraging Multiple Data Sets Across Organizational Silos to Maximize Corporate Real Estate Savings

Corporate Real Estate

It’s often the most overlooked expense.

Of the top three operational expenses — people, technology, and real estate — real estate can be as much as 10% of revenue with a fixed yearly component due to contractual obligations.


With increased pressure to adjust and set a new course based on the business impact of COVID-19, organizations have been forced to think differently about how to reduce costs and re-evaluate investments.

Real estate is one of the largest cost areas for a company, which means it also has the potential for large-scale savings. However, most organizations are limited when it comes to distilling operational insights from their Corporate Real Estate (CRE) data which likely resides across multiple data sets —this may be a missed opportunity. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for companies seeking substantial cost reduction to have visibility into how their real estate expenses relate to their operations at large.

We Make The Connection

Northridge makes the connection between commercial real estate data and other traditionally disparate data sets to provide our clients with the full picture required to truly understand their risk and realize the full potential of their business decisions.

The NRG Operational Data Analytics team is made up of well-seasoned operational SMEs who not only bring deep domain expertise within corporate real estate but also the relevant skills necessary to work across any internal data system, ultimately providing our clients with a sustainable and scalable model for the future.

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Survey Results Are In

86% of companies in our network reported its workforce will be more remote post-pandemic.

How are you adjusting your Commercial Real Estate strategy to reduce costs?

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Northridge Operational Data Analytics Approach

We leverage a proven three-phase model to identify and capitalize on areas of opportunity within your organization.


NRG executive-led alignment workshops allow us to quickly determine immediate opportunities and define long-term strategy.

Data Modeling

We’ll then build and validate scalable and sustainable cost savings models.

Roadmap to Results

We’ll then provide validated opportunities and actionable operational plans tailored to your organization.

Quantifiable Outcomes

Grounded in operational data analytics, we help clients distill critical insights from their commercial real estate data sets, providing clients with a clear path to 30% in-year cost reductions.

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