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Operational Data Analytics

Rapid Analytics To Help You Solve Problems & Make Better Decisions

Using Big Data to Optimize Operations

As a business leader, you’re faced with operational challenges every day. Your organization’s success is dependent on identifying and prioritizing in-year budget cost efficiencies and top-line revenue opportunities.

Northridge offers a proven operational analytics model that rapidly integrates, analyzes and correlates multiple data sets to extract key insights that help you validate these areas of opportunity and implement the right solutions to maximize ROI.

Operational Analytics Use Cases

Operational analytics is a discipline that provides continuous data-driven insights to those planning assumptions

We offer an effective method that leverages data from multiple front-line operational sources to create revenue and cost-driver metrics — changes in volumes, trends in unit costs, variability by geography, or differences among supply chain sources

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What Makes Our Operational Analytics Different?

If you don’t know where to look or what to look for, even the best tools won’t get you to the right answer. Our clients tell us they choose Northridge because we:

Provide Advanced Technical Capabilities

From programming languages to machine learning/AI, our consultants are highly-skilled and fully immersed in the latest analytical methods involving NoSQL databases which enable us to leverage significantly more data sources, without data type constraints, in our pursuit of extracting operational insights.

Deliver Rapid Results

We assign a dedicated team that is wholly focused on optimizing your internal operations. Since our solution combines deep domain expertise with advanced technical competency, we can deliver measurable outcomes for in-year gains.

Apply Strong Operational Experience

Our consultants have unmatched operational backgrounds with years of industry experience. They have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face and know how to target the analyses to identify root cause and optimization opportunities – fast.

Operate in the Client’s Environment

From beginning to end, our technical experts build, test, iterate and rapidly prototype data models all within the client’s environment.

A Winning Combination: Domain Depth and Agile Analytical Breadth

We bring Subject Matter Experts and strong data analytical skills to solve your pain points by understanding your data in your environment.

Northridge Delivers A Proven ROI

We developed an invoice automation and audit process for a Fortune 50 Client. Results identified data-driven and process automation opportunities for:


of invoice dollars


of processes

of cost savings

Our Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Determining how and where to start optimizing your operation can be a daunting task. We’re here to help. Northridge offers several solutions that leverage our operational analytics model to help you transform your cost structure, streamline business processes and increase profitability.

Pricing Excellence

We’ll help you develop a pricing infrastructure that captures real-time marketplace intelligence to enable quicker decision-making, faster time to market and improved communication across the organization.We’ll also help you implement our pricing system to better maximize your revenue and margin opportunities.

Omni-Channel Customer & Business Insights / VoC Analysis

Customers come from everywhere. They interact with your business from a thousand touch points. You need to create a seamless end-to-end experience. The Northridge Group takes customer insights to the next level by converting data-driven analyses into actionable business strategies.

Advanced Data Analytics

We leverage Advanced Analytical techniques to help our clients garner the insights they need to make more informed business decisions. We incorporate powerful analytics into most of our engagements and offer analytical elements as standalone services.


Adapting to the Post-Pandemic Environment: Rethinking Office and Workforce Models Using Operational Analytics

The Northridge Group’s Bryan Gillis and Greg Adams discuss how Operational Analytics and data-driven insights will inform business decisions that address the future needs of People, Corporate Real Estate, and Technology.

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Featured Case study

Inventory Analysis & Data Modeling Results in NPV of +$100M

A Fortune 50 Enterprise engaged Northridge to perform an inventory analysis to evaluate the long-term cost-benefit of employing a new technology infrastructure. Through the use of advanced analytics and sophisticated data modeling, Northridge produced an optimized design that would streamline the infrastructure and reduce ongoing OPEX.

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