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Omni-Channel Solutions in Contact Center

Our Approach

A Holistic and Fully Integrated Omni-Channel Solution that Allows Seamless Interactions with Your Brand

For company’s whose focus is to provide superior customer service, an omni-channel solution provides your operation and your customers the foundation needed to drive results.

This multi-tool strategy provides centers the experience and sophistication needed to adequately monitor interactions in real time, with the ability to enhance performance across every platform – phone, online/chat, email, and social media – to drive higher customer satisfaction and experience.

This not only builds longtime loyal customers, but creates employees who are empowered to provide solutions while promoting your brand.

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End-to-End Branded Customer Experience

Omni-channel solutions offer seamless interactions, allowing customers to interact with a brand through multiple channels (like social media, email, phone, physical stores, and websites) seamlessly.

Consistency is key when it comes to repeat business. Omni channel solutions ensure consistency in the customer experience across all channels. Whether a customer shops online or in-store, they receive the same level of service, pricing, and product availability, strenghening your brand and customer loyalty.  This happens when your agents can access a unified view of customer interactions across channels, support teams can provide more informed and efficient service.

Customers have the flexibility to interact with a brand in the way that’s most convenient for them at any given time. Whether they prefer browsing products online, speaking to a representative on the phone, or visiting a store, they can choose the channel that suits their needs. This increases customer engagement, which leads to greater loyalty and retention.

Customer’s needs change – sometimes faster than you realize. Omni-channel solutions allow businesses to gather real-time feedback from various channels, enabling them to quickly adapt to customer needs and market trends.

By providing a cohesive experience across channels, omni-channel strategies reduce friction in the buying process, making it easier for customers to make purchases.



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Our Approach

Our Omni-Channel Quality Monitoring Program

From calls to tweets, Northridge’s omni-channel quality monitoring program provides a window into understanding the Customer Experience and overall customer journey. Our program evaluates all customer service channels, enabling your organization to leverage thousands of valuable data points from your customers – accessing a veritable real-time focus group – in addition to gaining a true understanding of how your customers experience your brand at every point of contact.

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  • Assess a statistically significant cross-section of calls each month and evaluate the interactions based on a set of predetermined criteria.
  • Ensure representatives consistently follow processes and messaging for successful Customer Experiences.

Online Chat

  • Chat sessions are reviewed for messaging alignment with strategy and accuracy.
  • Our assessors review content and evaluate the representatives to ensure consistency across channels.


  • Emails can often involve multiple interactions between the customer and the representative to fully resolve the issue.
  • Our team of assessors reviews the content of the entire stream of messages for consistent brand messaging, cycle times and process adherence.


  • Social media, the newest and most public-facing channel, has unique challenges for Customer Experience. The response times are much faster, the messages much shorter, and the audience much wider.
  • Our assessors take a sample of the interactions and review for strategic alignment to process outstanding compliance issues, as well as consistent brand messaging.

Our Solutions

Key Offerings of Northridge’s Quality Monitoring Programs

Technology Platform

Provide a scalable, secure web-based interface to capture assessment scores and an industry-leading business intelligence reporting portal – all integrated with a centralized, SQL database that ensures consistency and resiliency. Our online client portal allows for enhanced reporting at all levels with trends, comparisons and drill-down capabilities starting at a company-wide level all the way down to the call level.

Coaching Opportunities

Provide reporting on agent performance on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Identify areas of improvement and tailor coaching through actionable feedback to move the needle on service-level improvements. NRG consultants can help create tailored coaching template for your needs.

Solid Operations & Workflow Management

Ensure alignment on desired behaviors and outcomes through strong calibration procedures. Egregious and zero-scored calls are escalated as critical hotline reports or auto-fail calls. Strong, third-party vendor management creates better partnerships and improved performance management.

Agent Performance Metrics

Analyze customer interactions to gain clear insight into performance improvement opportunities on an agent-level, site-level and/or organizational-level. Identify and highlight critical gaps in the skills and services measured against the success factors outlined in the key program goals.

Targeted Program Goals

Identify critical program goals and desired outcomes such as adherence to current corporate standards, specific business objectives, compliance with regulations and soft skills expected of customer service representatives.

Northridge Perspectives

The Importance of Quality Monitoring for Government Agency Contact Centers

The Importance of Quality Monitoring for Government Agency Contact Centers

Quality Monitoring is an essential tool used by many businesses to improve customer experience in their contact centers. Quality Monitoring programs leverage call listening, screen monitoring, and advanced data analytics to identify issues faced by individual associates as well as overall operational issues. When Quality Monitoring processes identify specific behavioral issues in individual associates, the behaviors can usually be quickly corrected with monitoring, agent and call level reporting, insights, recommendations, training programs, and/or customized coaching.

The Transformational Power of Quality Monitoring

The Transformational Power of Quality Monitoring

How a robust QM program can remake the CX. This article was originally published on Contact Center Pipeline and can be viewed here. As customer expectations and channels for outreach continue to evolve, the contact center is becoming more and more complex and...

Additional Quality Monitoring Services

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Customer Churn Analytics

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