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Case Studies / Quality Program Assessment & Redesign

Quality Program Redesign Results in a Positive Correlation between Agent Performance and VoC Metrics

Communications / Cable Industry


  • A Fortune 100 cable company wanted to assess its Contact Center Quality Program and redesign it to drive improved agent behavior and ultimately improve Customer Experience.
  • Northridge partnered with the company to develop a behavior-based Quality Program Redesign and implement a pilot study (using a pilot group of agents and a control group) to gauge whether new agent behaviors resulting from the redesigned program would align better than existing agent behaviors to positive customer experiences.


  • A quartile analysis confirmed a positive correlation between the pilot group’s Behavioral Quality Score and VoC (the primary hypothesis of the pilot).
    • In the pilot group, VoC for top performing agents was 15% higher than bottom performing agents, indicating that top performers were most successful in driving positive customer experiences and the redesigned Quality Program could be expected to yield improved customer experiences.
    • In the control group, there was an inverse relationship between agent performance and VoC, with bottom performers driving the highest VoC. This indicated that the existing Quality program failed to measure the relevant behaviors, was not correlated with the desired outcomes and would not yield positive customer experiences.
  • Based on the positive findings from the pilot study, the company implemented the redesigned, behavior-based Quality program.

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