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Case Studies / Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring Program Results in 5% Point Reduction in Customer Complaints in One Quarter

Government Industry


  • A large federal agency was dissatisfied with their customer experience and asked Northridge to conduct an assessment to capture business process and agent-based opportunities for improving customer service.
  • The customer service model prior to Northridge stepping in was template-based and failed to provide either an empathetic tone or a knowledgeable response. Not only were customers dissatisfied with their experiences, but they were also left confused by the answers provided to them.
  • The client asked The Northridge Group to provide quality monitoring and actionable recommendations to increase customer satisfaction.


  • Northridge’s assessment identified Customer Service improvement opportunities on 3 tiers:
  1. Basic questions and transfers
  2. More advanced inquiries about specific plans
  3. Business process measures (frequency of repeat calls, dial transfers, etc.), rather than direct measures of agent performance


  • Northridge’s recommendation to move from a template-based response to a more personalized response resulted in a 2 point increase in the Customer Satisfaction Index (from 83 to 85) in just one quarter. 
  • All component scores increased, with scores ranging from 83-94.
  • Customer Care received the highest component score (94), the highest level reached during the past seven quarters.
  • Customer complaints decreased five percentage points in just one quarter, from 10% in Q2 to 5% in Q3.

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