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Case Studies / Contact Center Management

Over $10M in Additional Revenue Through Process Improvement

Government Industry



  • A large federal government agency sought to enhance their inbound and outbound contact centers that support the collection of debt (e.g., fees, payments, etc.).
  • They wanted to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their call handling and debt collection, as well as prepare for the opening of an additional facility that could provide disaster recovery and load balancing.


  • Northridge provided assessments of current operations against industry best practices, recommended performance metrics to measure efficiency, developed a curriculum for training employees and designed a transition plan required to close the gap between current operations and industry best practices.
  • Contact center performance was inconsistent, resulting in inefficiencies and increased costs.


Northridge recommendations included:

  • Improving operations by segmenting calls based on agent skills, call volumes, and call types.
  • Improving management insight and control by documenting and streamlining the processes for generating, accessing, and analyzing management reports.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness and reducing agent handle time by utilizing dormant ACD (or telephony) features.
  • Improving management control and organization incentives by developing and delivering training on how to analyze and interpret reports.

Identified over $10M in additional revenue realization through process improvement and training.

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