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Case Studies / Quality Monitoring

Ongoing Quality Monitoring and Outsourcer Ramp-Up Results in 11 Percentage Point QM Score Improvement



  • A large government agency partnered with The Northridge Group for ongoing Quality Monitoring services.
  • During our engagement, the client transitioned to a new Contact Center outsourcer that had to ramp up quickly so the agency could continue providing uninterrupted service to customers.


  • Identified outsourcer behaviors that were not in line with recommended best practices.
  • Provided recommendations and feedback on areas impacting the Customer Experience, including:
    • Where to focus associate coaching efforts
    • System and process best practices for tool usage
    • Gaps in the knowledge management system

Business Impact

  • Outsourcer successfully onboarded and showing continual improvement in Quality Monitoring scores:
    • 11 percentage point increase in overall Quality Monitoring score in just seven months (from 72.8% to 83.8%)
    • Month-over-month increase in associates providing customers with all relevant data (from 27% to 30% to 39% in three months)
    • Month-over-month decrease in associates choosing the wrong knowledge management resource (from 11% to 8% to 6% in three months)

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