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Major US Travel Company Improves Policy Roll-Out Through Training Efficiency & Agent Engagement

Transportation Industry


  • Fortune 100 travel industry client wanted to improve training effectiveness and the speed of learning in preparation for a new policy roll-out.
  • The client has a strong call monitoring program, but feedback from supervisors was often delayed and not targeted to address the recent training.
  • Agents feared to be unprepared when talking to customers and their engagement in the training classes was low.


  • Northridge collaborated with the client to create an approach that allowed agents to practice what was learned in the training and receive immediate feedback on strengths and weaknesses before roll-out to the customer.
  • Northridge conducted mystery shopping calls to the agents based on seven different scenarios to test various real-world applications of the information provided in the training.
  • Agents were provided with immediate coaching by Northridge at the conclusion of the test call.


Faster Learning:

  • Agents used immediate feedback to quickly cement their understanding
  • Agents reported more confidence in their knowledge when speaking to customers

Agent Engagement

  • Agents were excited to get test calls

Improved CX

  • Through a better understanding of the policy, agents were able to more clearly communicate the policy to customers

Improved Training Materials

  • Northridge helped the client make data-driven improvements to the training materials based on common misunderstandings identified through the test calls

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