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Case Studies / Contact Center Management

Leading Home Security Firm Realizes Annualized Savings of More than $3M by Streamlining Operations

Home Security Industry



A leading home security firm engaged Northridge to implement prioritized strategies for improving Customer Experience, strengthening operational performance and optimizing resources to support future contact center growth. Objectives included:

  • Improve contact center performance through coaching, performance management, and performance-based metrics.
  • Identify call drivers and develop plans for improving First Contact Resolution (FCR), streamlining processes and automating self-service calls.
  • Redesign and launch a new Quality program and new calibration processes.
  • Strengthen Workforce Management (WFM) processes, org. structure and tools like enhanced forecasting processes and staffing models by queue.
  • Redesign the training organization, content and organizational structure.
  • Develop a comprehensive vendor management organization and structured processes.


  • Northridge leveraged deep expertise in Customer Experience (CX), Contact Centers and Operational Efficiency while collaborating with the client to successfully deliver a comprehensive roadmap of initiatives recommended by Northridge and prioritized by the client’s leadership team to achieve the stated objectives and support future growth.


  • Achieved annualized savings of $3M+ through improvements in FCR, business processes and the identification of self-service opportunities.
  • Improved service levels resulting in a better experience during peak season.
  • Developed plans to track/measure/improve FCR, which reduced customer effort.
  • Redesigned and deployed new Quality program to supervisors, leaders & agents.
  • Delivered long-term WFM Capacity Model (staffing strategy, training and metrics).
  • Recommended WFM investment strategies to continue driving ROI.
  • Developed action plans for improving training content and delivery processes.
  • Provided vendor management process input, monitored hires and resolved issues.

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