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CASE STUDIES / Customer Experience

Journey Mapping Helps Fortune 100 Communications/Technology Provider Improve Customer Experience



  • Northridge was engaged to help a Communications/Technology Provider identify pain points and improve Customer Service levels for two distinct client groups:
    • First time advertisers
    • Advanced advertisers


  • Separate journey mapping exercises were conducted to capture the true sentiments of both client groups at each step of their journeys. For both groups, the process included:
    • Collecting input directly from customers – recording what they say and feel about their experiences using their own words
    • Capturing customer sentiment and effort needed at each step of their journeys
    • Identifying key Moments of Truth and pain points that can be used to drive improvements and increase customer loyalty


  • Customer journey mapping revealed differences in the experiences each group faces when advertising that can be used to drive customer experience improvements and increase customer loyalty and advertising spending
    • Pain points for first-time advertisers are focused on the ease/difficulty of the advertising process, while pain points of advanced advertisers are often driven by an inability to get support
    • Moments of Truth for first-timers include wondering if an ad they created will get published, while Moments of Truth for advanced advertisers often involve assessing the quality of provider consultations
  • Using these findings, Northridge provided recommendations for future investments in processes/tools to improve the provider’s Customer Experience

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