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Case Studies / Contact Center Labor Strategy

Health Insurance Company to Improve Workforce Recruiting, Associate Retention and Business Performance

Healthcare Insurance Industry


A leading Healthcare company’s contact center was experiencing recruiting issues, attrition and workforce management inefficiencies:

  • Entry level wages were under the market rate and pressure to hire was resulting in lower hiring standards
  • Recruiting screening tools were not accurately targeting the competencies required for the contact center
  • Many managers were lacking experience and skills in coaching, motivation and communication
  • Workforce management practices were highly reactive and lacking focus on proactive analytics


  • Northridge conducted a comprehensive workforce assessment to establish a long-term labor strategy
  • Analyzed drivers of attrition, performance against benchmarks and process gaps to best practices
  • Provided detailed recommendations including improvements in recruiting, compensation, career pathing and advancement, training and development, and operational management practices
  • Identified a resourcing and queuing strategy and structure that balances call handling accuracy, quality and efficiencies to drive an improved customer experience and business outcomes


Northridge recommendations/solutions are being implemented. After implementation, the client will gain:

  • The ability to hire candidates that better match its success profile while reducing associate attrition and costs associated with churn
  • Improved customer experience, reduced customer effort, and optimized call handling as a result of more proficient associates
  • Reduced costs through increased efficiencies and improved forecasting accuracy and staffing projections

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