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Case Studies / Contact Center Labor Strategy

Health Insurance Company Develops 3-Year Workforce and Real Estate Plan

Healthcare Insurance Industry


A leading health insurance company was gearing up for rapid growth across all of their lines of business.  They leveraged this opportunity to develop a comprehensive labor strategy and long-range contact center capacity planning. They wanted to:

  • Optimize employee capacity at current locations and develop a plan to expand to new locations in existing and/or new markets
  • Create a resourcing strategy by line of business within and across sites to maximize recruiting potential, career pathing and retention


  • Northridge conducted a detailed performance analysis for each of their existing locations and broader labor market analysis to determine the best locations to attract and retain the best talent while also fully leveraging existing capacity.


  • Northridge led the following services for the client:
    • Define and track data to understand current seat capacity utilization
    • Develop a long-range forecast to estimate future resourcing needs
    • Evaluate current markets and assess key performance results by site
    • Define the resourcing strategy for business continuity planning
    • Create operational tools/processes for proactive management of
    • future seat utilization
    • Assess short-term vs. long-term options
  • Northridge deliverables:
    • Analysis of recruiting and operational performance for each existing location
    • Detailed resourcing plan by site to fully leverage existing real estate
    • Comprehensive market analysis with targeted locations for new site expansion
    • Recommendations for existing site expansion and new locations based on 3 year forecasting outlook within and across lines of business

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