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Frontline Agent Training Healthcare CX Success Story

Case Studies / Customer Experience

Frontline Agent Training, Vendor Management, Business Process Improvements and Interactive Dashboarding Drive Improved CX

Healthcare Industry


A leading healthcare brand partnered with The Northridge Group to gain visibility into their Customer Experience and vendor management processes to improve and promote a consistent Customer Experience.

  • Obstacles:
    • Five different vendors with five different systems
    • No measurement of Customer Experience
    • Decentralized data, inconsistent processes and no visualization


  • Applied the Northridge Healthcare Framework Methodology to understand objectives, identify obstacles and design solutions with cross-functional teams.
  • Leveraged an extensive library of capabilities to design a customized solution that included mystery shopping, quality monitoring, speech analytics, data analytics, frontline training and dashboarding.
  • Gathered data from mystery shopping snapshots, quality monitoring, speech analytics and existing structured and unstructured data.
  • Designed patient scenarios to focus on people, issue resolution (process) and technology to identify actionable agent behavioral training and process improvement opportunities.
  • Used quantitative analysis and qualitative observations to uncover opportunities to improve and create a more consistent Customer Experience through agent training and process optimization.
  • Developed an interactive dashboard to empower client with key insights and actions – training recommendations, process improvement opportunities and technology enhancements.

Business Impact

  • Significant enhancements in associate performance pre- to post-engagement resulted in improved Customer Experience metrics:
    • +9 point increase in agent comprehension (83% to 92%)
    • +7 point increase in issue resolution (68% to 75%)
    • +10 point increase in First Contact Resolution (64% to 74%)
    • +18 point increase in customer satisfaction (36% to 54%)

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