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Case Studies / Network Transformation Delivered

Telecom Company’s Domestic Network Transformation Results in $300M in Gross Cost Savings Opportunity Across Multiple Major Programs

Telecom Industry


  • A fortune 50 telecom company sought to identify potential savings opportunities across multiple programs and analyze the financial potential of the identified opportunities.
  • Any new savings initiatives that resulted would then need to be implemented, operationalized, and program managed.


  • Researched, identified, and analyzed potential savings opportunities.
  • Developed the CAPEX estimates as well as the processes and OPEX estimates necessary to operationalize the programs.
  • Quickly navigated through the estimate process and collaborated with the various stakeholders to ensure that the investments needed to realize the cost savings were reviewed and approved.

Business Impact

  • A $300M total Gross Savings opportunity across five programs was identified over the business case planning horizon.
  • Nearly half of estimated 5-year Annualized Gross Savings benefit was captured during the first 2 years.
    • Continued to partner with client to identify and resolve operational challenges that surfaced (data discord, process improvement, automation, etc.) to harvest greater benefit from the programs going forward.
    • Transitioned the ongoing lifecycle management of these programs back to the client to operate going forward which included providing documentation and training.

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