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Home Care Industry Success Story Key Results

Case Studies / Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping Provided Deep Insights on Performance and Opportunities for Improvement

Home Care Industry


  • A major home services provider was concerned about Customer Experience; leadership wanted to understand the customer journey and identify opportunities to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

  • While new enrollment was stable, early cancellation rates were causing high churn, driving customer acquisition and service costs up.


  • Applied journey, speech/text analytics, observation, customer focus group and UX assessment techniques to evaluate Customer Experience at all stages of the customer lifecycle and to assess the impact of the transition to digital tool use.

  • Created Customer Experience mapping documentation to share learnings and drive improvements:

    • Shopping and buying experience, appointment scheduling, technician visits, service and operational support and invoicing and payment processes

    • Defined/identified actions, expectations, touchpoints, pain points, sentiment and opportunities for improved experience along the journey

    • Identified key themes; “voice of the customer” learnings

  • Created customer personas, highlighting different needs and decision motivators.

  • Defined key measurements, KPIs and cycle times from the customer’s perspective.

  • Assessed operational performance to identify strengths and gaps to customer needs/expectations and industry benchmarks.

Business Impact

  • Established unified view of Customer Experience across the business and customer lifecycle; identified opportunities to address pain points and improve satisfaction.
  • Utilized new customer personas to define more personalized and effective treatments, as well as enhance marketing, sales and service communications.
  • Acted on gaps identified to address process defects, problematic business rules, staff authority boundaries and operational scheduling/delivery reliability.
  • Prioritized roadmap actions for current year investment and strategic planning; prioritized key enablers to support successful and speedy implementation.

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