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Benchmarking Research Results in an Improved Customer Experience Strategy for a Major Tech Company

Tech Industry


  • A major tech company sought to understand what companies of scale do to provide best-in-class customer service, what key investments these companies have made (people, process and technology) and how investments impacted performance.
  • Their existing digital customer service model offered two channels, but did not provide responsive service or align with the unique and specific needs of different customer types across international markets.
  • The company was interested in determining the differences in support expectations between their user segments.


  • The Northridge Group performed targeted research, including interviews with employees of benchmark companies to gather specific information regarding best-in-industry processes and solutions.
  • Direct customer research was performed via designed customer sentiment surveys to collect targeted feedback on priority service model attributes and service experiences.
  • Northridge utilized mystery shopping to identify factors essential to the service experience offered by selected competitors such as quality, effectiveness and speed of issue resolution.


  • Northridge identified and provided a detailed evaluation of key customer experience expectations on priority service attributes.
  • We identified benchmarking goals and key components of success for selected competitors.
  • We provided our client with:
    • A current state benchmarking assessment
    • An investment and capability roadmap
    • A recommendation roadmap to transform their customer service model

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