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Contact Center Assessment Helps a Leading Global Digital Marketplace Improve ROI with Enhancements to Employee Retention, Technology, Operational Efficiency, and CX

Retail Industry


  • A leading global digital marketplace that specializes in connecting vehicle buyers and sellers engaged Northridge to conduct a full assessment of their Contact Centers due to Contact Center Maturity issues.
  • Our assessment uncovered several challenges:
    • Key leadership positions were unfilled or inappropriately filled
    • The technology was aging and needed to be upgraded (especially the IVR, self-service, and call-routing technologies)
    • Frontline associates weren’t being adequately trained


  • Northridge partnered with this client to:
    • Hire a new Contact Center Director and a new WFM Leader, each with appropriate expertise in key areas
    • Redesign the recruiting and hiring process
    • Evaluate the existing IVR, self-service, and call routing technologies
    • Analyze the branch process
    • Evaluate training options
  • We made recommendations for technology changes and upgrades. This included:
    • Designing IVR business requirements, metrics, and reporting requirements
    • Designing a test strategy and approach, as well as an implementation strategy
  • We recommended the development of a custom Frontline Excellence training program and provided guidance on the specific elements that would make the training program most successful

Business Impact

  • When implemented, Northridge recommendations are expected to result in upgraded technology, better leadership, and better training. These enhancements will increase our client’s ROI by:
    • Driving increased sales through improved Customer Experience
    • Improving employee retention and performance
    • Increasing operational efficiency (FCR, optimized handle times, and reduced escalations)
    • Elevating self-service options
    • Optimizing workforce (staffing flexibility, advanced call routing)

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