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Case Studies / Contact Center Management

Large Healthcare Insurance Agency Identifies $52M-$74M in Call Center Cost Reduction Opportunities

Healthcare Industry


  • A major healthcare insurance agency sought to conduct an end-to-end assessment of Capacity Planning and Workforce Management Processes.
  • Objectives included lowering operating costs, improving customer service, enhancing employee satisfaction, and gaining the stability required to maintain improvements and provide a foundation for future enhancements.
  • They also wanted to reduce variability, increase efficiency and improve accuracy.


  • Northridge provided assessments of current operations against industry best practices and identified opportunities for improved accuracy and overall efficiency. The opportunities to close the gap between current operations and industry best practices included increasing visibility to true staffing requirements, improving the accuracy of FTE “net lines”, consolidating queues, maximizing resource utilization effectiveness, and enabling management of Planning, Real-Time, and call handling metric outcomes.


  • Northridge recommendations resulted in:
    • An estimated 20% reduction in overtime
    • An estimated 25% reduction in new hires
    • Identification and realization of $52M-$74M in Cost Reduction Opportunities across call center operations and support functions.
    • Increased agent utilization for call handling (from 44% to ~50%) and a reduction in intra-day schedule adjustments
    • Improved and more consistent achievement of customer service levels.

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