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 Data Integration for Business and Process Redesign

Using Data to Make Better Decisions for Better Results

Transforming Your Business By Analyzing All Datasets

The Northridge Group has helped Fortune 50 and mid-market organizations with the integration and analysis of multiple data sources to drive insights from Voice of the Customer programs, omni-channel interactions, as well as operational and performance data to enable the identification of upstream business process redesign opportunities.

Deeper Analytics for More Powerful Insights

The following are three critical data sources we help our clients analyze to create a rich and comprehensive view of customer needs and wants, influencing market forces and trends, and the impact of operational and performance metrics.

Unstructured Voice of the Customer Data

Includes the traditional channels of calls, email, chat/web, and social media; as well as additional data sources such as CSR notes, surveys and data collected from virtual agents.

Structured Enterprise Data

Includes data sourced from product profiles, CRM/ERP data, operational data, customer demographics, account rep information, metrics & scorecards and partner companies.

Market Benchmarking Data

Includes customer data that organizations can pull in to get a market-based reference for making decisions such as economic growth/GDP, disposable income, customer growth, customer preferences, raw material prices, technological advancements, and government regulation.

This data answers questions such as: What is the market doing? What are your competitors doing? What does growth look like in your industry vertical? What government regulations are being passed?

Better Decisions Yield Better Results.

When data sources are analyzed holistically, the result provides organizations with greater possibilities to make better, more-informed decisions.

The Northridge Group has the tools, expertise, skill-sets and analytical capabilities that uniquely qualify us to help clients optimally process their data sources to extract customer and business insights that fuel upstream process improvements.

Examples of Business and Process Improvements include:

  • Redesign customer communications to be more clear and easier to understand
  • Leverage complaint data to prioritize systemic business process improvements
  • Identify company policies that drive non-value calls and back office rework
  • Regularly review transfer data to drive IVR and routing improvements
  • Analyze unstructured data to identify new product or service opportunities

Learn more about our Advanced Data Analytics Approach Here

Featured Case Study

Fortune 100 Organization Leverages Quality Monitoring and Business Process Improvements to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenues

A world leader in travel services uses both quality monitoring and business process tracking to measure and improve their customer experience. The company engaged Northridge to analyze both quantitative and qualitative datasets to identify process and agent performance improvement opportunities. Specific behavioral recommendations, correlational analyses, and targeted coaching enabled the team to prioritize and select key strategies and improvement opportunities to drive quantitative business results.
This resulted in improved agent performance and a 9-basis point increase in customer loyalty within one year.

Access the Case Study

How to Make Sense of All Your Data

You might be overwhelmed by the volume of information available at your fingertips. To make it worse, the pace of this information continues to increase; data (lots of it) is being produced more rapidly than ever before. How can you capture this data and use it to help you and your organization make informed decisions, and ideally to predict future behavior and events?

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Northridge’s Customer Experience Consulting Solutions

With our Customer Experience solutions, we’ll help you target strategic opportunities to better serve your customers’ needs, increase customer loyalty, identify gaps in your product offerings, improve cross-channel consistency, reduce costs and gather key Voice of the Customer insights to drive business growth and efficiencies.

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