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Customer Experience Assessment

An “Outside-In” Analysis of Your Customer Experience that Drives Growth and Reduces Cost

How an Assessment Drives Brand Loyalty and Operational Effectiveness

In today’s marketplace, companies must compete for customer relationships. Those relationships are often influenced by the experiences customers have when they interact with companies. Through our own research, we have found that businesses consistently underperform in providing exceptional experiences. This usually leaves brands vulnerable to high costs, unhappy customers and loss of brand loyalty. The stakes have never been higher, and this is exactly when companies can benefit from an outside-in perspective.

Options to Meet Your Needs

Single Engagement

Northridge can support clients with one-time engagements that provide an assessment of their current state customer service experience along with a detailed series of recommendations for improvement. These projects are often followed by engagements which assist in program managing the implementation of those recommendations to ensure the program execution achieves the desired outcomes.

Managed Service

Some clients engage Northridge as a third party, with an outside-in view, to provide a managed service for monitoring their customer service, with reporting that identifies key business insights and agent coaching opportunities. Our team of experts offers the objectivity and expertise to glean honest, practical insights from contact center interactions for improved customer experience management.

Our Approach to Your Business

You have a lot riding on the quality of your customer experience. Northridge is here to help, with operational experts who are committed to partnering with your organization and aligning your people, processes, and technologies with the demands of today’s consumers.

Learn More About Our Approach

Our Proven Customer Experience Assessment Methodology

Our process is designed to help your business maximize the value of every customer interaction and leverage diverse customer touch points for comprehensive, cross-functional insights and process improvements:

Gather Data and Establish Baseline

Establish a baseline of performance by gathering relevant operational and Voice of the Customer data.

Identify Opportunities Through Gap Analysis

Assess current state performance against best in class benchmarks, along with an in-depth review of the omni-channel experience to identify opportunities for improvement. This includes leveraging best practices, third party data, internal performance metrics, customer touch point sampling, and process reviews.

Develop Recommendations and Prioritize

Scope the impact of changes that align with customer channel preferences and service expectations; prioritize the recommendations.

Create an Implementation Roadmap

Develop a roadmap for implementation that includes the prioritized actions, owners, and timeline critical to the successful execution of the desired future state of customer service experience.

Case Study

Designing a Differentiated Customer Experience for a Fortune 100 Healthcare Firm

Access the Case Study Here

Northridge’s Customer Experience Consulting Solutions

With our Customer Experience solutions, we’ll help you target strategic opportunities to better serve your customers’ needs, increase customer loyalty, identify gaps in your product offerings, improve cross-channel consistency, reduce costs and gather key Voice of the Customer insights to drive business growth and efficiencies.

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With experience across nearly every industry, non-profit, and governmental agency, we have the team to help you achieve your goals.

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