Quality Program Assessment & Redesign

 Ensuring Quality Programs Measure Up

Assessing Your Existing Quality Monitoring Program to Drive Real Results

Northridge’s Quality Program Assessment and Redesign offering ensures your quality monitoring is focused on identifying customer journey pain points by measuring the right attributes that matter most to the customer, driving deeper business insights, and leveraging teams to drive actions and results.

Northridge’s Quality Assessment & Redesign Program

Our ultimate objective is to establish an improved quality management operation that is in alignment with the strategic direction of your business, delivering on growth, profitability, scalability and improved customer experience objectives.

Our Proven Methodology

Our solutions are data-driven and incorporate years of best practice experience to develop recommendations that are practical and create sustainable results. Our approach is centered on the voice of the customer and documents pain points along the customer’s journey. We start with an assessment of how the quality program aligns with key business metrics and the outcomes it achieves. We then assess the findings from the baseline against best practices and industry benchmarks. This approach ensures a holistic view of people, process, technology and reporting, and how they work together to deliver an excellent customer experience and the desired business outcomes.

As part of this best practices comparison, Northridge rates the quality program to ensure the program is:

  • Driving proactive actionable insights that are aligned with key business metrics and feedback identified through customer journey documentation.
  • Measuring outcomes and KPIs to ensure the quality program is having the intended effects and is driving desired performance.

This enables us to focus on what sales and service operational changes are necessary and applicable for quality management in the short and long term, enabling us to prioritize our recommendations and create an implementation roadmap.

How Do We Measure Success?

Our measure of success is helping you establish an improved quality management operation that’s aligned with the strategic direction of your business. To do that, we’ll work together to determine the following:

Are we measuring the elements that matter most to the customer?

  • Agent clearly demonstrates essential knowledge and expertise
  • Customer receives solutions that are tailored to his/her unique needs
  • It’s easy for the customer to learn and act; trusts information received
  • Recommended actions drive results for the customer and the business

Does the data drive broader business insights and value?

  • Data is collected on products, services, and process effectiveness
  • The business leverages Voice of the Customer insights to learn, refine, grow
  • Data/systems/reporting are consistent to enable analysis and comparison
  • Analysis provides actionable insight and focus on the Customer Experience lifecycle

Is the quality team influencing action and driving results?

  • Insights are meaningful and valuable for the supervisors and business leaders
  • Listening for trends, systemic issues, root cause, drivers, solutions …
  • Quality team serves as a value-added partner in targeting action plans
  • Leverage quality team as the experts who have a deep understanding of the customer’s experience

What Makes Our Program Different?

We have the unique ability to combine our Quality Program Assessment and Redesign solution with our Customer Experience Consulting services to ensure your quality processes are clearly defined, differentiated, continuously measure performance and are highly correlated with the Voice of the Customer and desired business KPIs and outcomes.

We can help you evaluate, design and optimize your quality program to deliver Voice of the Customer improvements and – often missed – business results like:

  • Increased Sales Effectiveness
  • Revenue Growth
  • Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Lower Customer Effort
  • Optimized Internal Effectiveness Metrics
  • Reduced Costs

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