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customer interactionsLeadership must set the tone and define the metrics for customer experience success in the organization. The implementation of programs such as Quality Monitoring will help an organization maintain consistent and objective listening and analysis of customer interactions. Other incentive-based programs can help encourage each person in the organization to prioritize and improve experiences for unsatisfied customers. Information can be relayed across departments to help shift directional focus based on what is and isn’t working from the customers’ point of view.

To keep your organization ahead of the curve and attuned to the voice of the customer:

  • Listen to your customers through a consistent Quality Monitoring program and engage customer service agents for ways to improve their level of service.
  • Provide opportunities for your employees to continue education and training in order to make your product or service the most advanced and differentiated compared to your competitors’.
  • Reward employees for taking the initiative to improve the customer experience by delivering better service or offering creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Frame the internal culture to see the customer as the lifeblood of your organization and approach each decision with the customer in mind.

From innovation to creation, from research to development, from marketing to selling, customers will speak up. They will give you feedback — solicited or unsolicited, directly or indirectly, structured or unstructured — and let you know their level of satisfaction and more broadly, their loyalty. Tracking, analyzing and acting on these moments of truth is what is known as a Voice of the Customer program.

Organizations need to structure an efficient way of listening to and analyzing these interactions. Gathering this intelligence from your customers can be a lengthy process if you approach data collection only through external means such as surveys and focus groups. More importantly, companies are leaving thousands upon thousands of data points behind in their call centers. The innumerable daily interactions through calls, emails, and social media posts provide direct insight that can be gathered and analyzed to gain critical mass insights about your brand’s promise.

The organization lives and dies by the customer. Listening and evolving based on the needs of the customer is the best way to ensure your organization will stay competitive and relevant. Don’t ignore the thousands of data points at your disposal in the call center. Sit down and start listening, so you can start making the customer your number one priority.

Learn more here about the ways in which Quality Monitoring can enhance your business.

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