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The Northridge Group is a management consulting firm specializing in Customer Experience solutions, Quality Monitoring services and Business Transformation initiatives, utilizing advanced data analytics and business process redesign to deliver results. Northridge provides professional services for the Fortune 200 in healthcare, telecom, financial services, travel, and transportation, as well as key government agencies.

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Podcast: The State of Customer Service Experience 2018 Report +

operations made better podcast

The Cost of Poor Customer Service [Infographic] +

Poor customer service doesn’t just impact the consumer; it also can hinder your brand. Northridge’s annual State of Customer Service Experience 2017 report studied the ramifications of poor customer service on business growth, customer retention and word-of-mouth brand referrals, with emphasis on the financial pains businesses face when they fail to meet customer expectations.

Top 3 Reasons for Customer Frustration [Infographic] +

As customer service methods constantly evolve to adhere to the demands of digitally-savvy customers, critical customer experience gaps can form, leaving consumers frustrated rather than delighted. The Northridge Group’s annual State of Customer Service Experience 2017 report analyzed the impact of digital developments on customer experience and identified specific successes and frustrations of today’s consumers.

Happy 4th of July +

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Planning for a Successful Contact Center Platform Migration +

Industry leading organizations usually have one common goal – to provide the best service experience to their customers. Technology is undoubtedly a critical component of delivering service excellence; however, technology that’s outdated or ineffective can oftentimes put a strain on operations and hinder customer experience goals. When contact center leaders seek solutions to improve service delivery, they might consider upgrading their contact management platform to include enhanced capabilities such as Courtesy Callback, presence management and Omni channel integration. A call center technology migration is a significant investment both financially and operationally, which is why strategic planning is imperative to consider all the many dependencies and impacts it will have on existing processes and operations.

The Ultimate Customer Experience Scorecard Whitepaper +

All companies say they care about Customer Experience, but saying it, doing it, and seeing results are very different. After years of consulting with many leading brands, The Northridge Group has observed one consistent trait among industry leaders: those who are the best at managing their top line growth tend to have well-designed CX metrics and have embraced the scorecard as a key component to measuring and managing performance. With a well-established CX program, companies will have real-time visibility to customers’ moments of truth, and they will be able to spot trends, react swiftly, and gain strategic advantage.

Happy Thanksgiving! +

Happy Thanksgiving

Best Practices for a Differentiated Omni-Channel Experience +

Digital technology is quickly changing the game for how companies and consumers interact with one another, setting a precedent for quick, convenient and easily accessible issue resolution. With more communication channels than ever available for companies and customers alike, it has never been more important to put a strategic omni-channel communications approach in place. Here are a few best practices for providing your customers a differentiated omni-channel experience.

How To Spark Innovation In The Workplace: Part 3 of an Innovation Series +

As creatures of habit, we tend to rely on what we know. We do what we’re used to and we do it the way we’re used to doing it. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, it can be a roadblock in the workplace. Relying on what we’re used to, whether it is a process or technology, is guaranteed to hinder a company’s success. Companies need to continuously innovate in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, and this pursuit must begin with the leadership’s approach: their acceptance of venturing into the unknown rather than sticking to what they know.

Successful Examples of Innovation: Part 2 of an Innovation Series +

In today’s digital environment, the proliferation of new technology has become a necessity in order to meet the growing demand for easier, faster and better service. Just as customers have become more digitally-savvy, so too must the companies that serve them. The evolving needs and preferences of customers have become the catalyst for innovation. Businesses are transforming their organizations, processes and use of technologies to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace. But like the evolving needs of customers, the process of transforming operations and technology must also be one of continual change. With this in mind, a few of Northridge’s leaders sat down to reflect on some of the most successful examples of innovation and their impact on business.

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