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As Chief Financial Officer, Leo is a member of the Northridge senior management team and provides executive level oversight and leadership both internally and externally. Leo has led projects in contact center optimization, technology sourcing, business planning and process re-engineering for government and Fortune 100 clients. With over 25 years of experience, Leo’s knowledge spans technology infrastructure, software development, project management, executive operations and financial leadership.

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Big Data Boom: How to Capture and Leverage Insights +

If your organization is like most, you might be overwhelmed by the volume of information available at your fingertips. To make it worse, the pace of this information continues to increase; data (lots of it) is being produced more rapidly than ever before.  How can you capture this data and use it to help you and your organization make informed decisions, and ideally to predict future behavior and events?

How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Contact Center +

In today’s technology obsessed world, making life simpler, faster, and more seamless is a priority for both businesses and individuals trying to keep up with an always evolving digital landscape. Read any publication and you’re sure to find conversations revolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) helping to power (if not completely replace, in some instances) human interaction. In the contact center, one thing is certain: positive human connections between agents and customers are critical to building brand loyalty. In an industry that places an emphasis on human contact, what role does AI play in the contact center and how can data gathered from it be used to improve the customer experience?

3 Best Practices for Big Data Security +

Digital data is growing faster than ever before. In fact, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be 44 trillion gigabytes of digital data being created and copied on an annual basis. With the rise in data production and consumption, utilizing advanced data analytics is not just a competitive differentiator for companies anymore; it’s a crucial sign of an innovative and successful business.

Methods for Compliance Monitoring +

Customer experience in an omni-channel environment allows consumers to reach out for help on any channel of their choice and for customer service agents to respond on those channels faster than ever before. While speed and convenience are of high importance to a consumer, keeping up with the regularly evolving customer channel preferences and customer experience methods can make regulatory compliance difficult to manage. However, with advancements in quality monitoring technology coupled with more robust quality monitoring programs, companies can ensure that agents are providing a convenient and accessible customer experience to consumers, while following federal compliance regulations that keep up with the demand of the consumer.

How Virtualization Revolutionized the Digital Landscape +

An often overlooked innovation that has changed the digital landscape for nearly everyone is virtualization. In this context, virtualization is the act of creating a virtual version of a physical object. There are many instances of virtualization, but the one that revolutionized computing and IT was hardware virtualization. VMware is a prime example of technology transforming the way we build, use and consume computing resources. It’s a simple concept that has been around since the 1960’s with IBM. When I was in high school, I learned to program on a “virtualized” Digital Equipment PDP11 – then it was called time-sharing. Time-sharing was an early precursor of VMware. It stemmed from the realization that computer hardware is lightning fast, and getting faster all the time. In fact, a single user could hardly ever make full use of an entire computer’s capacity. The extra horsepower could be divided between two co-workers in the same building, one of which may be thinking about their next request (even next keystroke!) while another user is doing the same.

7 Quick Tips for Technology Solutions +

In the ever-evolving world of technology solutions, we’ve all reached the point in the cycle when we ask, “OK, what’s next?”  Sooner or later, the technologies and services we depend on are no longer up to the tasks, scale or simplicity needed. Whatever the reason, sometimes a gap develops between current capabilities and the critical business needs.

A CFO’s View on Cost Transformation +

To be successful, organizations must be able to skillfully balance the financial structure of their business and do so with a continuous attention to the many levers that impact performance. As Northridge COO, Marriann Cole states in her recent blog, “Success relies on organizations creating the right cost structure to reflect changes in the marketplace and evolving business priorities.” From a CFO’s perspective, I’d like to take another look into the concept of cost transformation and describe some if its benefits and challenges.

Evolving Your Business Intelligence +


We’ve all been there: staring at a spreadsheet and trying to determine if it is the correct one to use, questioning if everyone should have access to that level of detail, or wondering if those colleagues who live on their mobile devices will even be able to use this spreadsheet. Maybe your organization has solved the version control issue with SharePoint sites, or shared file systems or even a document management system, which may double as your access control mechanism – at least at the file level. But what if only some of the data within the file should be restricted? Do you have an “all-or-nothing” approach that requires that you extract the data that can be shared into a separate file, and thereby exacerbate the version control issue?

Is it Time to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud? +

The contact center landscape is expanding to address the various channel options and evolving customer expectations. Customers reach organizations through a variety of pathways including in-store, contact center, mobile application, website, email, chat and now, social. The contact center, a large and complex environment when it only supported telephone calls, has become even more complex and is changing at speeds that were unheard of a decade ago. It is more critical than ever to maximize the return on investment with continued focus on the end-to-end customer experience. For that reason, and many more, organizations are making the shift to cloud-based solutions in the contact center.

What does NFC Mean to Your Customer Experience? +

Near Field Communication (NFC) is poised to change the customer experience by helping businesses and consumers receive data through mobile devices in real-time. The NFC technology will reshape a wide array of industries by helping consumers be more informed in their interactions with a business and helping businesses be more informed about their customers’ needs.

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