Transformation of Customer Service Organization Leads to $70M+ in Operating Savings for Leading Healthcare Organization

Northridge Customer Experience Management Services Allow Leading Healthcare Organization to Significantly Reduce Costs and Improve the Quality of the Customer Experience

A leading healthcare organization selected The Northridge Group to transform its customer service organization cost structure through targeted process re-engineering, improved resource utilization and a more effective use of technology. Although cost reduction was the primary target for the initiative, it could not jeopardize the quality of the client’s customer experience.

Northridge rapidly provided experts in customer experience management, process design and contact center leadership to identify specific actions, quantify savings, and manage implementation of the project. The resource utilization piece focused on a queue design that would further enhance the customer experience through an improved average speed of answer, while call avoidance targeted upstream business process improvements.

Self-service opportunities were also targeted to mitigate usability issues that inhibited customers’ efforts to perform online solutions. Average Handling Time (AHT) reduction addressed repeat calls and improved the client’s use of desktop support tools.

As a result of Northridge’s work, the client achieved over $70M in annualized savings. Just as importantly, the client gained the ability to reduce costs, while simultaneously improving the quality of the customer experience.

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