Strategic Program Management Enables Fortune 50 Enterprise to Deliver Actionable Three-Year Business Strategy with 15% Growth

Northridge Program Management Approach Generates a Detailed Multi-Year Roadmap, Enabling Fortune 50 Firm to Realize 15% Growth

A Fortune 50 enterprise engaged The Northridge Group to create a multi-year business plan for an emerging business unit. Specifically, Northridge was tasked with helping the client balance strategic growth requirements with tactical imperatives across multiple disciplines.

After carefully evaluating the client’s goals and requirements, Northridge applied a sophisticated program management approach that addressed related risks and complexities, marshaling a team of experienced subject matter experts to accurately align processes and tactics with strategic growth targets.

Combined with hands-on, third party facilitation, Northridge’s approach enabled stronger cross-functional collaboration and generated buy-in for a roadmap that would deliver more than 15% growth from the client’s new business unit.

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