Roadmap for High-Impact Changes in a Healthcare Company

The Northridge Group was asked to perform an End-to-End Customer Experience assessment for a Fortune 100 healthcare company to identify member pain points and innovative processes to differentiate them in the marketplace. Regulatory reform and dramatic marketplace shifts required transformational change to become more "consumer centric." Northridge was tasked with recommending high-impact, systemic solutions to complex, cross-functional issues. 

Northridge reviewed all customer touch points including: member communications, web and mobile apps, contact center interactions, social media, complaint reviews, and customer survey research. Northridge examined each stage of the customer lifecycle, including sales, on-boarding, service, and program support to address critical pain points and identify innovative process solutions required to set them apart in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Through immense data gathering and process analysis, Northridge developed service blueprints for all business segments, providing a comprehensive view of the customer lifecycle and areas of potential differentiation. Northridge identified key performance metrics and measurement processes that would be critical to ongoing success. 

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