Our Telecom Capabilities

The Northridge Group Wireline and Wireless Telecom Expense Management Services

  • Contract Review & Negotiations – Centralized repository of all contracts and a review of pricing, inclusive of equipment costs, device costs and potential conversion cost. We negotiate for best in-market rates and terms based on our client’s needs.
  • Benchmarking & Sourcing – Perform a comparison of rates, terms and conditions to identify the best available for comparable spend. We also perform a current state analysis and create a strategic proposal to ensure best in-class rates, coverage and Service Level Agreements.
  • Procurement & Order Fulfillment – Management of efficiency placing orders with carriers and enforcement in ordering in accordance with corporate policy. We validate and track services for timely delivery and offer self-service activation of mobile services.  
  • Inventory Management – Inventory build of all assets using CSR, portal information and billing data. Consolidation and ongoing maintenance of inventory. Data analytics and asset reporting capabilities. 
  • Invoice Management – Validation and timely processing of invoices, elimination of late payment charges, and automated customer GL Allocation. Customized process efficiencies and integration into financial systems for auto-pay functionality.
  • MDM Support for Wireless Services – Define client specific requirements, provide data security and a holistic view of devices and plans. 
  • Wireless Help Desk – Multiple service plans available to support mobile users. Ticket-based system, and user guides and self-help support as well as employee support in native language.  
  • Audit & Optimization – Rate verification of invoices and identification of anomalies. Pooling to prevent data overage charges. Visibility into voice and data spend, providing trend reports and data analysis. 
  • Dispute Management – Identification of erroneous billings. Filing dispute claims and tracking through resolution and recovery. Monthly review of disputes and reporting received and annualized cost savings.