Our Telecom Expense Management Approach

A Solution Designed to Make Telecom Work

When you choose Northridge, you leverage our proven expertise gained from working with the largest service providers and our web-based Communication Management Solution, powered by GSG, that’s been tested and refined in the most complex enterprise environments. Our solution is a modular - yet integrated - business process management tool, featuring a suite of cloud-based applications and services that automate and streamline communications lifecycle management (CLM). 


telecom services and expense management

Our platform allows you to:

  • Streamline and automate management of tasks
  • Uncover insights and gain true visibility
  • Increase ROI and improve cost take-out
  • Enable fact-based network transformation

The platform is built to help the enterprise understand, manage and evolve its network, telecom and mobile communications ecosystem. It is powered by DataSync, a sophisticated data engine that provides complete visibility of your network, continuously validated and always accurate.

It drives a suite of applications to let you measure and manage communications costs—and make better business decisions:

Network Service Management: Network Service Management (NSM) supports an organization in provisioning and managing the cost associated with its global network. NSM captures and maintains location, configuration and cost details of the network components. NSM includes Network Cost Portfolio (Inventory), Service Catalog & Fulfillment, Network Cost Mapping and Network Transition Management.  

Expense Management: Expense Management (EM) automates the invoice acquisition, validation and payment of communication expenses. EM uses a proprietary 3-Way Match methodology to drive significant cost savings and maintain an accurate inventory of services. EM includes Invoice Management, Invoice Validation & Exceptions, Cost Allocation & Rebilling, Invoice Payment and Savings Management.

Mobility Service Management: Mobility Service Management (MSM) enables organizations with provisioning, securing, supporting and managing the costs of its mobile devices and services. MSM provides an intuitive user experience coupled with powerful service management tools that enable low touch support, as well as global logistics and service orchestration. MSM includes Mobility Cost Portfolio, Device Management, Mobility Optimization, Roaming Management, Service Catalog & Fulfillment and Mobile First Support (Ticketing & Workflow).

Sourcing Management: Sourcing Management (SM) enables an organization to obtain the lowest cost on its mobility and network services. SM captures detailed contract and amendment information and provides the toolset to benchmark, shop and analyze competitive market rates. SM includes Contract Management, Benchmarking, RFP Support (Demand Sets) and Bid Comparison.

Insights: Insights provides organizations with unparalleled visibility into its network and mobility spend. Insights delivers an intuitive in App suite of Dashboards, Widgets and Reports with roll up and drill down capabilities, as well as integration to third party BI tools such as Qlik and PowerBi.