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Customized Solutions for Your Contact Center

Just as every customer has different needs, so does every business. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to quality monitoring because each industry and each business within every industry, has a different set of priorities and goals. Northridge offers the breadth and depth of services to deliver a suite of solutions that address your most pressing customer experience needs.

Featuring on-shore resources, we offer a comprehensive set of offerings tailored to your specific requirements, using valuable technology to enhance the Northridge delivery model.

The Northridge Group Quality Monitoring Programs

  • Quality Monitoring – Customized quality monitoring services across all channels -calls, email, chat and social – that are tailored to your environment and business needs. Our program correlates analytics to practical strategies to improve performance at the agent, program, and organizational levels.
  • Compliance Monitoring – Solutions designed to support compliance directives, mitigating the risk of costly fines and threats to brand image. Northridge will partner with your compliance team to deliver the knowledge, scope, transparency and consistency required to effectively monitor for adherence across the various voice and digital channels that connect your contact center.
  • Mystery Shopping A real-time, real-world diagnostic that can address a multitude of immediate issues with front-line customer service personnel, allowing greater control of the types of insights gleaned. The program enhances your existing quality monitoring program by providing agents with situations that will highlight certain behaviors that emphasize key customer support issues.
  • Coaching and Training – In a highly collaborative and unified manner, Northridge provides coaching programs that inspire and provide supervisors and managers with the skills, structure and processes they need to consistently deliver effective coaching sessions and drive breakthrough contact center performance. 
  • Customer Experience Consulting  The program combines the professional service capabilities with Northridge quality monitoring solutions, linking monitoring insights with best practice insights on improving our client’s contact center operations. Northridge can offer deep insights in areas such as customer experience strategy, online user experience design, cross-functional process issues and new product opportunities. 

The Northridge Group Quality Monitoring team can identify and assess the major opportunities for customer experience excellence through our robust and diverse suite of services. By mining data from thousands of interactions, our team can provide actionable insight to deliver clear returns on investment and make your customer experience best-in-class.

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