Our Approach

A Better Approach to Management Consulting

The best Management Consulting firms understand the synergy between the journey and the destination. Across all industries, forward-thinking organizations require Management Consulting services that leverage innovative and collaborative processes to consistently achieve targeted outcomes and program benchmarks.

The Northridge Group lives at the nexus of people, process and technology. We specialize in providing clients with a hands-on Management Consulting approach that produces actionable strategies and practical solutions. We are committed to achieving results that surpass our clients’ expectations.

The Northridge Difference

Northridge’s approach is based on the belief that meaningful and sustainable results can only be achieved when there is a clear understanding of the problem. We partner at various levels of your organization, ensuring that we are working together to solve for the right business challenge. From C-suite consulting and thought leadership partnership on strategy, to hands-on work with functional teams for tactical implementation, we are committed to working with your organization to lay a solid foundation for the change process.

After we have worked with you to identify the root cause of the problem, our focus moves to the development of an actionable project plan, including the detailed mapping of timelines, tasks and milestones. Project tracking brings added value to the process by quickly identifying and resolving roadblocks, as well as ensuring that your project is successfully completed on time and on budget.

Each of our engagements is led and performed by senior-level consultants – many with 20-25 years of industry experience – allowing you to communicate with our team on a peer-to-peer level. By tapping into a broad network of experienced senior executives and consultants, Northridge is uniquely positioned to bring world-class talent to your specific problems and challenges.

At Northridge, our entire consulting approach is grounded in successful project resolution and client satisfaction as our primary goal. Our consultants serve as authentic partners, passionate about understanding the right problems, and providing innovative solutions that bring sustainable and valuable results to our clients.

The Plus Sign

The plus sign ( + ) in our logo illustrates our ability to add value to client engagements by immediately making a positive impact. Our ability to draw from many years of industry experience allows us to make quick assessments and define clear direction—a characteristic that sets our services apart in the industry.