Our Approach

A Different Approach to Your Customer Experience

The Northridge Group understands how important an exceptional, end-to-end customer experience is to your business. With customer expectations, brand competition and channel expansion increasing at exponential rates, the ability to delight across every touch point in the customer journey is the most effective way to achieve growth, improve customer acquisition and boost loyalty.

At Northridge, we specialize in customer experience solutions and business process transformation initiatives through high-impact solutions driven from deep data analytics, key business insights, and operational expertise. Unlike other consulting firms, Northridge functions as part of your team, working alongside company executives, senior leaders and other key stakeholders to design and implement solutions that are calibrated to your organization’s critical customer and business needs.

Customer Experience Solutions with Northridge

Our approach to Customer Experience management is designed to help your business maximize the value of every customer interaction and leverage diverse customer touch points for comprehensive, cross-functional insights and process improvements. We believe that responsibility for an exceptional customer experience requires superior strategy and design, along with seamless, cross-functional processes and collaboration. Our deep experience and innovative process design methodologies allow us to think beyond the current best practices and transform an organization's customer experience into the new best practices.    

Many of our Customer Experience consulting projects include an analytical assessment against best practices along with an in-depth review of the omni-channel experience through customer journey mapping. We use innovative process design methodologies to think beyond the current state and create new, transformative experiences for the customer. Seasoned Northridge consultants work side-by-side with your functional teams to develop a clear understanding of channel preferences and service expectations.

Working in tandem with your organization, we target strategic opportunities to better serve your customers' needs, increase customer loyalty, identify gaps in your product offerings, improve cross-channel consistency, reduce costs and gather key insights from the voice of your customer to drive required business growth and efficiencies. Detailed scorecards and key performance indicators are also foundational and leveraged to produce and measure quantifiable results. 

A High-Level View

customer experience management


The Impact of Improved Customer Experience

Our Customer Experience solutions provide key insights and actionable solutions at the intersections of the customer journey and the voice of the customer. From customer acquisition to life-long relationships, Northridge can provide valuable customer insights and critical success drivers for each customer channel of preference. Whether your customer chooses to connect with you over the phone, email, chat, or social media, the customer experience should be seamless from start to finish. Integrated data collection and critical analysis will evaluate the end-to-end customer experience design to strategically prioritize and re-engineer the most meaningful opportunities for your organization.

Northridge Customer Experience solutions drive significant improvements in organizational and performance effectiveness, as well as customer growth, loyalty and retention. Additional outcomes of our Customer Experience solutions approach include: 

  • Greater Sales & Revenue Growth: Improved channel management, better cross-sell/up-sell effectiveness, targeted product development, lower cost of customer acquisition and higher customer retention rates
  • Cross-functional Process Re-Engineering: Greater insights gleaned from Voice of the Customer (VoC) analysis and quality monitoring across all key customer channels to streamline business processes across organizational departments to create a differentiated experience 
  • Consistency Across All Available Channels: In-depth customer journey mapping allows for redesigned processes based on customer needs, increased first contact resolution across all channels, and improved customer insights for business, operational and marketing decisions
  • Improved Operational Performance: Targeted improvements in capacity planning, workforce scheduling, and robust performance metrics, scorecards and dashboards

You have a lot riding on the quality of your customer experience. Northridge is here to help, with consultants that are committed to partnering with your organization and aligning your people, processes and technologies with the demands of today’s marketplace.