Omni-Channel Quality Monitoring

Listen. Analyze. Action.

The contact center is a critical component to the overall success of an organization. It was once the first resource for customers to get service and answers to their questions. While still a critical component, there are many more channels now through which organizations provide service. Digital channels such as websites, chat, and social media are increasing in usage and popularity and come with a different set of customer expectations than the traditional contact center. To achieve a seamless and consistent service experience across each of these channels, from calls to tweets, customer experience teams must look at each channel and align performance within and across all.

An Omni-channel Quality Monitoring program samples interactions from a multi-channel point of view. With a clear view across all of the organization’s customer service channels, the Northridge team can evaluate the effectiveness of the service and develop a roadmap and scorecard to improve overall business goals. With continuous monitoring, Northridge can collaborate with the organization to measure the on-going success of our recommendations and modify as needed.

Northridge Omni-channel Quality Monitoring 

By monitoring all of the customer service channels, your organization is not only effectively leveraging thousands of valuable data points for your customers – accessing a veritable real-time focus group – it is also gaining a true understanding of how the customer experiences you brand at every point of contact.  Organizations can optimize business outcomes and improve the end-to-end customer experience by truly leveraging the customer insights and enabling operational excellence through Omni-channel Quality Monitoring.

Omni-channel Quality Monitoring is a proactive approach to enhancing the customer experience. Northridge can identify the root causes of your most critical business needs by analyzing across channels and using those insights to optimize customer service programs.  The Northridge team of assessors can identify opportunities for self-service, upstream communication, process simplification, and common information requests on which representatives can be coached.

Northridge Omni-channel Quality Monitoring solutions include:

  • Phone: Assess a statistically significant cross-section of calls each month and evaluate the interactions based on a set of pre-determined criteria. Ensure representatives consistently follow processes and messaging for successful customer experiences.
  • Online Chat: Chat sessions are reviewed for messaging alignment with strategy and accuracy. Our assessors review content and evaluate the representatives to ensure consistency across channels.
  • Email: Emails can often involve multiple interactions between the customer and the representative in order to fully resolve the issue. Our team of assessors reviews the content of the entire stream of messages for consistent brand messaging, cycle times, and process adherence.
  • Social: Social media, the newest and most public-facing channel, has unique challenges for customer experience. The response times are much faster, the messages much shorter, and the audience much wider. Our assessors take a sample of the interactions and review for strategic alignment to process outstanding compliance issues, as well as consistent brand messaging.

Customer interactions are analyzed across the various touchpoints to gain clear insight into the critical gaps in the omni-channel customer experience service. Northridge identifies the gaps in service and the participation in the customer journey and measures against the success factors outlined in the key program goals. Northridge then provides actionable feedback that helps supervisors address agent performance and individual opportunities for improvement.

With an increasing number of channels to manage and monitor, businesses can leverage Northridge’s Omni-Channel Quality Monitoring program to drive a seamless and consistent service experience.