Management Consulting

Our Experience Is Your Business Advantage

At The Northridge Group, we know what you’re up against. Featuring seasoned executives with proven leadership credentials, our Management Consulting team understands the challenges that large-scale change initiatives present to dynamic organizations.

Our collaborative, knowledge-driven approach is designed to rapidly convert operational insights into meaningful and sustainable business outcomes. With a keen focus on people, processes and technology, Northridge Management Consulting team members consistently deliver results that outperform expectations, while maintaining close alignment with your organization’s strategy, as well as your unique needs.

“ …Honestly, I feel like they‘re part of our staff, part of our ‘A team’ that doesn’t require a lot of oversight.” 

Chief Operating Officer
 State Government Agency

Solutions for Your Most Important Challenges

Transformation is never easy. To help you navigate the change process and successfully achieve critical benchmarks, both to drive revenue growth and ensure cost savings. Northridge offers Management Consulting covering several key business areas:

  • Advanced Analytics – We leverage Advanced Analytical techniques to help our clients garner the insights they need to make more informed business decisions. We incorporate powerful analytics into most of our engagements and also offer analytical elements as standalone services.
  • Business Transformation - The Northridge approach to improved business performance and cost management is to embark on a Business Transformation journey, with an outcome that reconfigures a firm's overall cost structure for the future. This approach enables a firm to recognize the factors that drive its end-to-end costs and aims to leverage critical changes in business processes to create a new, optimized cost profile with a transformative outcome.
  • Business Process Management – Our Process Management consulting drives meaningful process change by accurately aligning our expertise and innovative process strategies with your organization’s unique culture and business requirements. We have a keen eye for identifying process inefficiencies found in functional silos, multiple hand-offs, and patterns of re-work—and the hands-on experience to resolve these process issues.
  • Contact Center Management – Northridge Contact Center Management consulting measurably improves the lifetime value of customers by evaluating contact center processes, channels and technology according to your customers’ actual expectations and preferences.
  • Program Management – Northridge ensures your work efforts achieve the desired outcomes through project planning, resource allocation, financial management and results tracking. We also help your team manage the risks and complexities of cross-functional decision-making. With Northridge, it’s more than task oversight—it’s strategic issue and risk management that delivers results. We further support our clients by developing management scorecards that enable transformational business change and visibility to the right metrics.
  • Telecom and Technology Management – Our Telecom and Technology Management consulting practice offloads telecom and infrastructure management burdens, and brings a new level of efficiency to telecom and technology lifecycles—enabling your team to reallocate time to core business activities.

At Northridge, our commitment to your organization is demonstrated through the quality of our work and the integrity of our approach. From start to finish, our consulting team delivers the collaborative, knowledgeable consulting services you need to effectively manage change for bottom line business results.