Leading Global Brand Leverages Quality Monitoring and Business Process Improvements to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenues

Northridge Quality Monitoring and Business Process Management Enables Large Global Brand to Achieve Substantial Gains in Loyalty and Revenues

A leading global brand called on The Northridge Group to provide recurring agent assessment and systematic business process improvements, designed to ensure attainment of revenue and customer service objectives.

Since world-class customer service, adherence to regulatory requirements and the conversion of inquiries into sales were critical to the client’s business, Northridge’s task required a sophisticated quality monitoring and process improvement solution. Tapping into the deep pool of expertise housed within Northridge’s Quality Contact Monitoring (QCM) services, Northridge monitored and rated statistically valid call volumes, and identified efficiencies in processes and systems that enhanced service levels. Northridge also identified process efficiencies that enabled lower overall operating costs.

Northridge’s work resulted in dramatic improvements in revenue and customer loyalty, and provided the client with the ability to capture real-time feedback for agent coaching, management actions and executive oversight.

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