Large Federal Agency Identifies More than $10M in Additional Revenue through Process Improvement and Training

Northridge Process Improvement and Training Yields $10 Million in Additional Revenue for Large Federal Agency

Ahead of a new facility opening, a large federal government agency sought to enhance inbound and outbound contact centers that support debt collection, including fees and payments. 

To improve call handling and debt collection effectiveness and efficiency, The Northridge Group evaluated the agency’s current operations and processes against industry benchmarks. Northridge worked closely with agency stakeholders to recommend performance metrics to measure contact center efficiency, create an extensive training curriculum for new and existing employees, and develop an actionable transition plan to close the gap between current operations and industry best practices.

Key components of the program included segmenting calls based on agent skills, call volumes and call types, as well as utilizing dormant Automated Call Distribution (ACD) functionality and other telephony features to improve operations and agent productivity. In addition, Northridge helped the federal agency improve management insight and control by documenting and streamlining the management reporting process and providing training for analyzing and interpreting those reports.

As a result of the engagement, Northridge identified more than $10 million in additional revenue realization for the federal agency through these improvements. 

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