Dynamic Reporting

Focused Insights for Stronger Results

Organizations continually interact with customers and it is critical to have the most up-to-date insights on the outcome of those interactions and monitor the satisfaction of customers. Northridge Quality Monitoring programs gather multiple data points across key customer contact channels. The Northridge team compiles that key data in customized reports, which allows organizations to narrow-in on the most critical areas of improvement. We leverage Northridge tools and technology to support our analysis and recommendations, and we provide access to those same tools to clients for their internal analysis.

Standard Reports

Reporting from a centralized, unified database gives quick views into progress and opportunities. Reports can be run on-demand or via scheduled distribution to ensure alignment across the program in an easy-to-use system.

  • Provides standard operational reports with trends, comparisons, and drill-downs to the agent-and call-level.
  • Reflects the client’s customer service organizational structure and users can customize with additional key filters.
  • Incorporates role-based security to ensure people only see the appropriate level of information.
  • Includes auto-fails, revenue impacting behaviors, best behaviors, customer satisfaction, or other client-defined drivers.
  • Export capabilities for PDF, XML, XLS and CSV provides client access to the underlying data

Executive Dashboards

Technology Dashboard for Customer Experience Analysis and Call Reporting

Advanced Analytics provides business intelligence through visualizations and storyboards to drive root cause analysis. Northridge experts have designed a series of client-friendly dashboards that drive insight into the most common areas of opportunity within a contact center. Our Tableau-powered system facilitates quick and easy ad-hoc and self-service analysis including drill-down and interactive visualizations.

  • Pre-defined dashboards quickly identify outliers, root cause issues, and drive business recommendations.
  • Clients access to the dashboard and customized view to highlight business goals and track key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Trending and comparison tools help drive focus to key areas in need of improvements.
  • Incorporating additional data such as complaint data, customer satisfaction, agent HR data, clients can analyze and correlate Northridge quality monitoring results with other business information and drive fundamental organizational improvements.

Northridge technology magnifies our quality monitoring and consulting professionals’ 20+ years of experience to deliver critical insights for our clients. Our robust reports compile and highlight key areas of improvement and give business leaders the ability to make holistic improvements to the overall customer experience.