Customer Journey Mapping

A Great Experience from Start to Finish

The moment a consumer is aware of your brand and in need of your organization's product or services, you are providing a customer experience. Before a consumer even interacts with an associate, they will read online reviews, browse your website and social media pages, hear word-of-mouth experiences, and make comparisons to your competitors. From the first point of interaction, organizations must acquire, maintain, and renew the relationship with the consumer to continually win their business. If each of these touch points provides consistent, compelling and differentiated service, the reward is a customer that will engage, purchase, recommend, and advocate for your company. 

The best way to ensure that consumers are being consistently delighted at each phase is to develop and leverage Journey Maps. Customer Journey Mapping is a powerful process that can serve as the backbone of a Customer Experience program. It enables the organization to truly see themselves through the lens of the customer, align on future state vision, and effectively drive cross-functional execution. 

Northridge Customer Journey Mapping 

There are many forms of Journey Mapping that span various levels of detail, but they all have common components that drive customer experience insights and focus. At each phase of the customer experience journey -- research, evaluate, acquire, use, renew, and advocate -- the customer will reflect different thoughts, actions, pain points, and expectations. It is the organization's job to understand the stated and unstated needs of the customer at each phase of their journey, identify and resolve the current pain points, and focus on the key Moments of Truth where there is an opportunity to 'wow' the customer with your service. 

Journey Maps are living documents that should be leveraged on an ongoing basis to keep the organization grounded on the current state of their customer experience and rally all functional teams around areas of improvement and differentiation. Northridge solutions deliver benefits that will drive immediate improvements and position your organization for long-term, sustained growth: 

  • Current Customer Experience: Conduct an end-to-end assessment of the current-state customer experience, identifying cross-functional pain points and discovering key Moments of Truth to drive marketplace differentiation. 
  • Quantify and Prioritize Initiatives: Quantify the impact of eliminating pain points. Prioritize these initiatives to maximize ROI and balance short-and-long- term focus. 
  • Design, Innovate and Align Organization: Incorporate the elimination of these pain points into the customer experience design. Align the cross-functional teams around this future state vision and mobilize the teams for initiatives implementation. 

While Journey Maps are positioned as a customer experience tool, the resulting benefits enable significant cost transformation through more efficient and effective processes. A few of the benefits your organization will be enabled to handle include: 

  • Customer Lifecycle Management 
  • Seamless Delivery Across Businesses
  • Consistent Experience Across Channels 
  • Fully Optimized, Digital Self-service 
  • Streamlined, Cross-functional Processes
  • Cross-trained, Empowered Front Line 
  • Proactive and Complete Issue Resolution 
  • Effective Service Recovery 

Our consultants are experts at leading Journey Mapping initiatives, bringing an "outside-in" view to the process and leveraging best practices to complement the insights from your internal teams. 

At Northridge, we are focused on making each customer interaction throughout their journey positive and effective. Our Customer Journey Mapping solution can drive keen insights and focus organizations on the areas that need improvement throughout the customer experience. The result will be a smoother, more consistent service and a stronger brand affinity.