Business Process Initiative Creates Multi-Year $100M Cost Reduction Strategy for Fortune 50 Enterprise

Northridge Leverages Business Process Expertise to Deliver Multi-Year $100M Financial Improvement Blueprint for Fortune 50 Company

Unable to achieve cost reduction targets with the company’s current single-year, single-event initiatives, a Fortune 50 client required a way to generate long-term, sustainable cost savings. In essence, the client needed a multi-year roadmap that aligned its overarching, strategic business imperatives with a reliable cost improvement program.

Working collaboratively with the client, The Northridge Group launched a comprehensive evaluation of the organization’s E2E business processes. This resulted in the rapid identification of key strategic imperatives and the creation of a detailed roadmap of multi-year initiatives to drive an improved cost profile. Northridge was also instrumental in the implementation of disciplined results tracking to measure the achievement of $100M in improved financial outcomes to the enterprise.

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